3-6 month coil-bound printed Daily Baby Schedule book | Baby Log Book | Newborn baby feed, diaper, sleep schedule tracker | memory journal


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Cover is available in any cover with purple and white!

Daily Schedule books (5.5 x 8.5 inches) are a great way to keep track of a new baby during all hours of the day. It helps keep track of when the baby is sleeping and eating and when their schedule changes. Helpful if the pediatrician asks if the baby have been eating/sleeping/having enough dirty diapers, etc. especially the first few days after birth. Also helpful for others helping the new mom i.e: dad, grandparent, nanny, friends to know when the last time the baby was fed or changed.

This is a 6 months book (196 pages). There are general information pages at the beginning including Emergency Contacts, Birth Information, Doctors Appointments for wellness/sick visits, and a list of Firsts!! Then the daily schedule pages with 4 extra pages. The Date and Day are left blank for the parents to fill in since little ones don't always arrive when we think they will! At the end of the book are 6-10 pages of notes.

Each daily page divided up of AM / PM sides. Each has columns for:
S - sleeping times
Side: L R - feeding on left or right side for nursing
Min/Oz - how many minutes they fed or how many ounces per bottle for supplementing/formula
D: W P - Diaper, wet or poop
Other - for medicine, notes, bath times, etc.
Daily Notes: keeping track of different things that happened that day!

Would make a great gift for any new parent, and special gift for a baby shower.

The book will be mailed USPS Priority Mail.

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